Mrs. Nygren's 5th Grade Class 2018-2019

Please send in a poster-board cut to 12" x 18" for the saint project. Any color is acceptable.

Math help for students who need additional support will be held on Tuesday mornings from 7:30-7:55. It will begin on October 2nd.

What will we learn this week? - October 15th

Religion- We will begin our saint poster project on Monday. Students will choose, research and create a poster on a saint of their choice. All work will be done in class. These projects will be displayed at church for the All Saints Day Mass which the 5th grade will host. The Mass will take place at 9:00 and a reception will follow in the gym. Please plan on celebrating this special day with us!

Our Virtue of the month for October is reverence, and the saint is Saint Tarcisius .We will discuss this material in class and the at home project will be sent home in the Friday Folder. The at home project is due October 30th.

ELA- We will read an excerpt of a biography on Satchel Paige this week. The reading skill of the week is sequencing. The students will also continue to learn how to use the RACES writing method for answering a response to text question. Grammar work will focus on compound subjects and predicates. The lessons will be reinforced by IXL.

Math- We will be working on the following concepts this week: working with zeros in the multiplier, multiplying with money, and various types of problem solving strategies. I will meet with students who need support on Tuesday mornings from 7:30 - 7:55.

S. Studies- We have begun our study of Portuguese and Italian explorers. Students have mapped out the voyages of explorers Da Gama and Dias on a political map. We will study what Columbus was looking for, and what he found! Magellan's circumnavigation will also be explored. Students will be assigned an Explorer Google Slides research project which will be completed in class. They will choose an explorer of their choice and create the project. They will learn how to correctly site books, websites, journals into a bibliography using the website bibme. They will also work with the many aspects of google slides including animation, inserting text boxes, pictures , sound and inserting a video. All students will present their project to the class.

Science- We are in the midst of a very active hurricane season. We will begin our study of hurricanes. We will read of the causes and effects of Hurricanes Florence and Michael. We will compare and contrast these two hurricanes.

Important Dates:

  • 10/19 Parent Teacher Conferences ***** Change in date. They will now take place on 10/26.
  • 10/24 Grill the Priests 1149 Restaurant 6PM
  • 10/26 Trunk or Treat
  • 11/1 All Saints Day Formal Mass- 5th Grade hosts and reception to follow
  • 11/2 All Souls Day Formal Mass