First Grade

Mrs. Palizza

Welcome to First Grade!

We have set sail for a wonderful school year! We are navigating our way through first grade and our crew is doing a great job!

Here are Some Adventures Included in our April Voyage

  1. We are exploring the tropical rainforest! We will learn about the plants and animals that live there, how they survive, and what we can do to help protect their habitat. Our adventure includes a field trip to the Roger Williams Zoo to participate in a Rainforest Adaptations Education Program!
  2. In Religion, we are preparing our hearts and minds for the seasons of Lent, the Three Days, and Easter. We are learning about the important work Jesus did and ways we can grow closer to Him during Lent. We attend 12:05 Mass on Thursdays and the Stations of the Cross on Fridays.
  3. In Math, we are learning geometry skills. We are exploring plane (2-dimensional) and solid (3-dimensional) figures, both as abstract shapes and in real life. We are performing hands-on experiments to grasp transformations and symmetry concepts.
  4. We are practicing reading, spelling, and writing compound words, words with the suffixes -ly and -ful, and words with the vowel sound in how.
  5. We are identifying and writing adjectives in sentences. The more adjectives we use, the more interesting our writing becomes!
  6. We are writing six or more complete sentences in our Journals each day and including interesting details and pictures.
  7. We are continuing our Tomie dePaola author study and look forward to our school's Reading Month activities and presentations.
  8. We are tending to the pots of Easter grass we planted in late March. It sprouted during the last weekend in March, which we discovered on April Fools' Day! We will bring our grass home at Easter as a sign of new life.
  9. We are putting on our sailor hats and setting out to explore God's wonderful world!

Here's our Crew on our First Day of School!