First Grade

Mrs. Palizza

Welcome to First Grade!

We have set sail for a wonderful school year! We have just begun navigating our way through first grade and our crew is off to a great start!

Some Adventures Included in September's Voyage

  1. In Religion, we are learning about God's love for us and the wonderful gifts He has given us. We will attend our first Mass on Friday, September 8th, at 9:00 A.M.
  2. Practicing writing numbers and number words for zero through twelve and ordinal numbers to 10. Comparing numbers to twelve using the <, >, and = symbols.
  3. Practicing reading, spelling, and writing short vowel words.
  4. Learning how to write complete sentences and identify naming and action parts of sentences.
  5. Getting to know one another and our classroom routines and expectations. We are reading about and discussing how to be a good friend, ways to be kind, and the importance of following school rules.
  6. Learning who scientists are and what they do. Realizing that we are scientists, too!
  7. Getting our classroom ready for our parents to visit during Open House on Thursday evening, September 14th.
  8. Putting on our sailor hats and setting out to explore God's wonderful world!

Here's our Crew on our First Day of School!