First Grade

Mrs. Palizza

Welcome to First Grade!

We have set sail for a wonderful school year! We are navigating our way through first grade and our crew is doing a great job!

Here are Some Adventures Included in our April Voyage!

  1. We have set sail to Italy! We are continuing our Tomie dePaola author study and have ventured to Italy to visit with Strega Nona in the little town of Calabria. We hope to enjoy some delicious pasta during our stay!
  2. We are in for a special treat this month! We are blessed to have our Bishop, the Most Reverend Thomas J. Tobin, celebrate our First Friday Mass, April 6th, at 9:00am. After Mass, the Bishop will visit our school!
  3. In Math, we are having a ball studying geometry. We are exploring plane (2-dimensional) and solid (3-dimensional) figures, both as abstract shapes and in real life.
  4. We are practicing reading, spelling, and writing compound words, words with the suffixes -ly and -ful, and words with the vowel sound in how.
  5. We are reading and writing words with the vowel sound spelled -ew, -ue, -ui, the vowel sound in moon, and two-syllable words with -le in the second syllable.
  6. We are identifying and correctly writing adjectives in sentences. The more adjectives we use, the more interesting our writing becomes!
  7. Speaking of writing, we are writing five or more complete sentences in our Journals each day and including interesting details and pictures. Some of us are writing pages and pages about intriguing topics!
  8. We are putting on our sailor hats and setting out to explore God's wonderful world!

Welcome to our classroom!

Thank you, Mrs. Palmisano,

for our Strega Nona door! We love it!

The view oustide our window on April 2nd!


Did we take a wrong turn and sail back to the South Pole???

Unfortunately, it was raining when we left port for our sail to the Arctic.....

Enjoying a good book while chilling in the Arctic.

Happy New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Here's our Crew on our First Day of School!