First Grade

Mrs. Palizza

Welcome to First Grade!

We have set sail for a wonderful school year! We are navigating our way through first grade and our crew is doing a great job!

Here are Some Adventures Included in our October Voyage!

  1. In Religion, we are are learning about God's love for us and the wonderful gifts He has given us. Our school's virtue of the month is Reverence: showing our deepest respect for things of God. We will attend First Friday Mass on Friday, October 6th, at 9:00 AM.
  2. In Math, we are practicing addition strategies and facts to sums of 12.
  3. In Reading and Spelling, we are reading, spelling, and writing short vowel words as well as words with -s and -ing endings.
  4. In Writing, we are learning to identify and write correct word order in sentences and to identify and write telling and asking sentences.
  5. In Social Studies, we are learning about life long ago and life today, focusing on the areas of fire safety and Christopher Columbus.
  6. In Science, we are learning about properties and life cycles of pumpkins, autumn changes, bird migration, and characteristics of bats.
  7. We look forward to enriching our science and science lessons with a field trip to The Farmer's Daughter in South Kingstown on Friday, October 19th!
  8. We are putting on our sailor hats and setting out to explore God's wonderful world!

Here's our Crew on our First Day of School!