Mrs. Hackett's 3rd Grade

Congratulation to our next two students to complete the Tower Book Challenge by reading 30 books!!

Chloe Brookfield


Emma Costa

Congratulation to Brooke Rutherford. She is the first 3rd grader to complete the Tower Book Challenge by reading 30 books on a variety of different topics!

Reading Week "Favorite Book" and "Reading Rocks!" tee-shirts

Snow Day Assignments:

Tuesday 3/13/18

Please practice multiplication and division facts using IXL,, or another game or activity.

Work on your "Sound Machine". Remember this project is due next Tuesday, March 20th

This Catholic School's Week 3rd graders got together with 7th grade to honor Parent Appreciation Day by making cards for their parents.

Snow Day Assignments:

With 2 snow days this week which followed over a week of vacation, everyone may feel a bit rusty with math and reading skills. Please spend some time on IXL practicing math and reading skills. For math, please focus on multiplication: skill builder (f) and frequency (g). For Language Arts, please focus on verbs. In addition don't forget to read for, at least, 1/2 hour each day. We will be starting the "Tower Book Challenge" in the next few weeks! Finally, as you know, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will be participating in the National Spelling Bee this year. This is an optional event for the children. It would be a great idea to spend some time practicing the spelling words on the list sent home on Wednesday.

Enjoy the snow and have a safe, warm weekend!

The Spirit of Giving: The 3rd grade collect gifts for: The Little Sisters of the Poor.

Getting Ready for the Christmas Pageant!

Highlights from our Thanksgiving Play: The Story of the First Thanksgiving

This week we visited Caratunk Wildlife Refuge in Seekonk. The children learned about finding the basic necessities in our natural environment. We learned about how Native Americans made clothing, found and grew food, and protected themselves from the elements by making shelters such as Wigwams and Longhouses.

Third graders enjoyed reading to the kindergarten class this morning. It was exciting to visit with another class and show off our reading skills!

3rd graders enjoyed working in small groups to create a poster showcasing similarities and differences between them.

Welcome to 3rd grade. I can't wait to meet you all next Wednesday as we start the school year with many fun, challenging, and innovative activities! Please take a few minutes and explore our website. Some of the pages you will want to visit daily will be the homework and spelling pages. I also have set up a page for Latin and Greek roots and have other pages that give you more general information. I'm looking forward to a fantastic school year.

See you soon.

We have two more students who have completed the "Tower Book Challenge": Jacoby Basler and Evan Reineke. Congratulations to both of them. Evan's favorite book was "The Quantum League" and Jacoby's favorite book was "Yo, Jo!" by Rachel Isadora.

Our latest student to finish the "Tower Book Challenge" is Isabelle Sheehan. Congratulations Izzy! Her favorite book to read was: Dork Diaries!

We have two more students who have completed the Tower Book Challenge. Congratulations to Dylan Madritch and Jeremiah Murphy. Dylan's favorite book that he read was called: Hall of Horrors (a "Goosebumps" book). Jeremiah's favorite book was: Cam Jansen and the Snowy Day Mystery!

Congratulations to Libby Hamil for completing the "Tower Book Challenge". Libby read 30 books in a variety of different genres. Her favorite book was a Magic Tree House book, Dolphins at Daybreak.

Gardening time!

The 3rd grade had fun preparing our OLM garden and planting tomatoes, peppers, and sunflowers that we started in our classroom earlier in the spring.

Reading Week Fun!

Thanks to Mrs. Pedro, Mrs. Nicoll, Mrs. Chatowski, and Mrs. Meletis for being "Mystery Readers" during reading week! The children enjoyed the great stories they shared!

The 3rd grade enjoyed a fantastic field trip to see the RI Philharmonic at Veterans Memorial Auditorium today. They have been practicing the music for the last two months so they were able to play their recorders and sing along with the Orchestra for many of the songs.

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