Pre K is off to a great start!! We have begun our Reading Readiness Series, Happily Ever After. Each unit is based on a selection from children's literature. These stories provide a thematic framework for the unit and a jumping-off point for the concepts and skills taught. Our first unit is Little Red Riding Hood. The children will learn the color red, the concepts same and different, the terms under and across, and how to draw a line under and across.

Happily Ever After consists of 10 units, and each unit has 10 lessons. Each unit begins with children listening to a classic story and they see it unfold in a richly illustrated Big Book. Brightly illustrated activity pages are included in this wonderful series. Upon completion of each unit, the children will bring home their own activity book and pages, along with a parent letter to explain the concepts covered in each unit.

Our Religion Series, I AM SPECIAL, provides learning experiences based on the young child's level of understanding and ability to participate. Through stories, songs, finger plays, games, lesson related prayers, and sensory activites, children can realize God's love for them.