Mrs. Massetti

Grade 2

Welcome to the best class at OLMC!


This month the children will work on the following subjects:

  • Religion- The class will create a Saint booklet. They will learn and write about 8 saints. We will discuss saints as heroes of God. We will discuss present day heroes as well. The class has completed chapter1 and will finish chapter 2.
  • Reading- This month the children will read their second chapter book,"Nate the Great". They will finish their unit 1 Super magazine. They will take a unit test on Unit 1. They are enjoying getting to know the Superkids again and their teacher, Ms. Blossom.
  • Science- The class is finishing the chapter on Matter and will begin a new one on Energy.
  • Social Studies- The class will finish up Unit 1 and their studies of 3 types of communities- urban, rural, suburban.
  • Handwriting-The class is practicing sizing, spacing and correct letter formation . They are trying very hard. After a long summer writing again means practice!
  • Math- We are focusing on using patterns for addition and subtraction. The children are practicing math facts each day.
  • This month progress reports will be distributed for the 1st trimester and conferences will be held on the 16th and the 17th.