Mrs. Massetti

Grade 2

Welcome to the best class at OLMC!

January 2019

This month the children will work on the following subjects:

  • Religion- The class is learning the steps to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They have studied the 10 Commandments to prepare for their confession in February.
  • Reading- The class has finished Unit 5 and will begin the next reader in their Superkids series. They will read a new chapter book named, "Mercy Watson Fights Crime".
  • Science- Our chapter on Forces is exciting for us. We are learning about gravity, forces and magnets.
  • Social Studies- Our new unit is on Geography. We have learned about the 7 continents and 4 oceans. We will also learn about landforms on the Earth.
  • Handwriting-The class will begin using cursive handwriting. We are using the different strokes in cursive to form the letters. We will begin writing small case letters.
  • Math- The class is learning to add money. We are using coins and dollar bills to add.
  • Phonics- We are beginning to learn about digraphs and dipthongs. These are pairs of letters that are found in words.