The month began with the closing of Catholic Schools Week. Volunteers participated in an appreciation breakfast after Mass. Teachers were also honored with a breakfast. Classes got together with their buddy classes to play games and have some fun. It was also the kick off of the Scholastic Book Fair. It was a great week!

In class students continue to read a variety of fiction and nonfiction stories. They are also working on the comprehension skills of fact and opinion and main idea and details. Students are also working on their oral fluency. Everyday student are practicing their writing skills using correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation and spelling. Students are creating board games to be presented and shared in class. Students are also reading the book "Ugly." It is a book about about the life of Robert Hoge who was born with physical disabilities. It is written with humor and empathy. The read aloud book for this month is "Wonder."

Students will be moving on to more division in math. They will be estimating quotients, and beginning long division. Problem solving will also be included during the month. In science, students will be studying the systems of the human body. In social studies, students will be working on the Midwest Region of the United States. They will also use their chrome books to do research on a Midwestern state. In religion, students are learning about the Holy Spirit and will be reviewing Reconciliation. Students will attending Reconciliation this month. We are very busy this month. Happy Valentine's Day!

Mrs. Heffter