Miss Seidl- Third Grade

Welcome to my teacher web page!

Using the links at the top of this page, you can find,

  • A copy of the weekly Seidl Special and any special announcements.
  • The homework for the week. The homework for each day will be added shortly after school. Please utilize your child's planner first and refer to the website second. This is a backup homework log and students are still responsible for keeping track of all assignments.
  • Contact me and about me in case you ever need it.
  • And best of all, a photo gallery! This will allow me to easily share pictures of all of the work your wonderful students are doing! Look for new pictures every few weeks!

General Reminders:

  • Specials:
    • Monday- STEM Science 11:10-11:50, Computer 2:30-3:10
    • Tuesday- Gym 9:10-9:50
    • Wednesday- Art 11:10-11:50
    • Thursday- STEM Science 11:10-11:50, Music 1:50-2:30
    • Friday- Spanish 2:30-3:10
  • Mass- Fridays 9-10
  • Library visit every other Friday!