Our Lady of the Lake

Parish Health Ministry

Health Ministry Mission Statement

Promoting wellness and harmony of body, mind, and soul in the Our Lady of the Lake faith community.

Why is there a Health Ministry in the Church?

We all know that nurses take care of the physical and emotional needs of people who are in the process of healing. But, when you have a nurse in the church it adds another element of need to healing. The parish nurse and the Health Ministry volunteers at Our Lady of the Lake are in the church to promote not only the physical and emotional health of our parish members but also promote and offer a spiritual dimension of care which is central to the Health Ministry and necessary to support and comfort the souls of our parishioners.

What We Do

The Health Ministry focuses on the intentional care of the spirit by integrating Faith and Healing, providing compassionate support, and encouraging healing prayer all the while promoting health and preventing illness through:

    • Health Education
    • Health Counseling
    • Referrals
    • Health Advocation
    • Development of support groups
    • Coordinating volunteers

Promoting Wellness

Faith Community Nursing centers on keeping the body, mind, and spirit in balance, each level supporting the other to promote whole person health. Through his or her own faith, the nurse and ministry volunteer emphasizes the spiritual dimension of health using prayer, support groups, simple presence, and Sacraments to promote healing and achieve wholeness in, with, and through a community of faith.

Current Health Ministry Programs

  • Blood Pressure Clinics | A Blood Pressure Clinic is held once a month in the church hall, usually on the second Sunday, after the morning Masses. The nurses that staff the clinic monitor people's blood pressure and are available to discuss individual health concerns. All communication is confidential. This is a drop-in clinic, no appointment necessary.
  • Blood Drive | The Health Ministry sponsors two blood drives every year, administered by the American Red Cross. One blood drive occurs after Christmas and one is in the beginning of August. For specific questions about donating call the parish Health Ministry. Thank you for your donation!
  • Wellness Sundays | Health and wellness programs of the parish health ministry are primarily pastoral. Clinical and invasive medical procedures are not practiced. The Health Ministry provides support and sponsorship of any non-promotional health presentations dealing with physical, emotional, social, or the spiritual aspects of health and wellness. We offer these presentations on the second Sunday of the month during the Focus on Faith time slot. If you are a medical or nursing professional and would like to present a program in your field, please contact the parish nurse at the parish office.
  • Flu Shot Clinic | Every fall on the OLL Campus. Join us September!
  • Health Referrals | To contact the parish nurse for referrals to health agencies, organizations or services, please call the parish office at 503-636-7687 and ask for the Health Ministry.
  • Respite Care Ministry | Trained Ministry Volunteers relieve 24 hour caregivers in the home so that they can tend to chores or get some rest without having to worry that their loved one is unattended. If in need of this service, contact the Health Ministry.
  • Caregiver Support Group | For those taking care of a family member or loved one on a long-term basis and would like to meet others in the same situation. Participants will have an opportunity to help each other by providing social, emotional and spiritual support as well as help to develop coping methods and ideas on how to care for yourself and your loved one. It meets every first and third Thursday of the month 3:30 – 4:30 in the Parish Library.
  • Care Note Ministry | Consoling and supporting families of deceased members of the parish by sending 'care notes' throughout the first year after the funeral.