Olivet Transportation

Supervisor: Stacey Lawson

Mechanic: Tom Bahmer


Office Hours: 5:30 am-9:30 am

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Olivet School Bus Drivers

Bus #: 05-B

Bus Driver : Amy Dunn

Color: Pink

Bus #:10-B

Bus Driver : Deanna Hebenstreit

Color: White

Bus #:00-C

Bus Driver : Sandy McCarn

Color: Orange

Bus #:09-C

Bus Driver : Leslie Otto

Color: Blue

Bus #:10-A

Bus Driver : Tamie Otis

Color: Green

Bus #:05-A

Bus Driver : Julie Harmon

Color: Red

Bus #:02-B

Bus Driver : Donna Piepkow

Color: Purple

Bus #:09-B

Bus Driver : Gail Zaremba

Color: Yellow

Bus #:09-A

Bus Driver : Paul Wolf

Color: Gray

Bus #:15-A

Bus Driver : Stacy Edick

Color: Brown

Important Bus Information

PreK-3rd Grade students- When going home driver expects to see a signal or someone at the door indicating that someone is home before they drop students off at house.

Not riding-Please call if your child will not be riding the bus in the morning.

Going to sitter-It is helpful to have your babysitter calendar for days when student will not be riding or going to another stop.

Guest/Friends- Students may have a guest ride home with them on the bus. Guests need a blue note from the building office or call the bus garage to let Stacie know.

Bus rules- Transportation rules and policies can be found in your building student handbook. Look under your building on the Navigation Bar above.

For more information please download our Transportation Handbook