Digital Literacy

Knowing how to operate and use a computer is important, but also knowing how to safely do these things is just as important for students. This year I will be covering how to use many programs on the computer, how to properly research things, but most importantly how to stay safe while doing so.

I will also be putting any homework that needs to be completed on this site so that students can refer back to it to see what they need to complete.

Scratch is one of the amazing coding websites that students will be able to use this year while in the classroom. If you would like to check out the website, please click on the link/picture on the left and it will take you to the website.

Students will be introduced to this amazing site this year in which they will be completing projects that are both on the computer and hands-on. They will be learning how to code, create, and have fun while learning. Please click on the link/picture to the left if you would like to check out this website more.