OLGC Media Center

Welcome to OLGC's Media Center! Our goals for this year in Digital Literacy classes are to: introduce basic coding and problem solving skills, cultivate computer skills (typing skills, G-suite usage), and to become knowledgeable digital citizens.

With the youngest students, pre-K through 1st grade, much of our focus revolves around basic keyboard and mouse usage. We will begin to learn computer vocabulary and how to access and navigate the Internet.

The focus of grades 2 through 5 is to develop familiarity with essential computer programs such as: Excel/Sheets, Word/Docs, and PowerPoint/Slides.

The upper grades, 6-8, continue to refine the skills they have learned during their years of education, and apply them toward projects and research. We study various forms of ethical behavior associated with Internet usage, and appropriate methods of communication and online interaction.