Transition Program


Transition is helping students and their families think about their life after high school. We work to identify long-range goals and design the high school experience to ensure that students gain the skills and connections they need to achieve these goals.

This transitional process will include many facets of planning for the future and should be fully understood by everyone concerned each step of the way. Planning for the future is an investment in a child's well being.

Age of Majority

The Age of Majority is the transfer of parental rights to students at age 18.

In Massachusetts, regardless of the severity of their disability, students are considered adults and competent to make their own decisions at age 18 (Age of Majority).

Unless there is a court appointed guardian or the student has chosen to share decision making with his or her parent, the school district must seek the consent of the student to continue the special education program.

Students at age 18 have the right to make their own educational and medical decisions and must sign all consent forms. Parents and students must be notified about the transfer of parental rights to the student at least 1 year before the student turns 18 years of age.

This information was obtained from the Massachusetts Department of Education. For more, visit

The EmpowORR Garden

The transition class at Old Rochester Regional High School continues to grow, and not just in size and ability. The class's garden is now expanding beyond leafy greens as well.

The class is made up of special education students ages 18 to 22 learn work, life and social skills, is in its second year. After the group began by operating a coffee cart, it has now grown to include the EmpowORR garden.

Teacher Becky Okolita received approval from the School Committee last April to use a 30-by-90-foot space behind ORR. After the approval, Okolita got started right away.