Old Rochester Regional High School

2020 Yearbook

Hello, Class of 2020! Your 2020 Yearbook needs you to make it GREAT. Order your yearbook NOW for the best price and maybe pick up some cool ORRHS Bulldog-Wear. You'll find one-stop shopping at the Jostens link including the latest trends for personalizing your Yearbook.

Photos should be uploaded here: https://images.jostens.com/upload.jsp

Hello Senior Families,

You are invited to place Family/Parent Ads in the 2020 Yearbook. These ads can include photos, poems, motivational quotes or favorite memories and are a great way to leave a lasting message and celebrate your senior!

Color Black & White

Full Page $300.00 $ 250.00

1/2 Page $175.00 $140.00

1/4 Page $ 95.00 $ 75.00

1/8 Page $ 50.00 $ 40.00

Please visit Jostens.com to place your ad. The deadline will be in February 2020.

All proceeds raised from ads placed in the 2020 yearbook go towards purchasing yearbooks for seniors who are unable to afford to purchase one on their own. It is our goal to try to make sure every senior who would like a yearbook will does receive one.

Please call the school with any questions. 508-758-3745