Spring is here, and fresh seafood is arriving at our docks!

The unofficial start of the Summer Season is upon us and fresh local seafood is beginning to arrive at our docks!

We are starting to see fresh Snapper, Grouper from off shore commercial fishermen. Oyster season is over but we have a great selection of locally harvested Clams. We also have nice Scallops and other locally harvested seafood such as Mahi, Tuna and other fish as it becomes freshly available.

With warmer inland water temperatures, we are starting to see some bait in the water, and with that, a few Floundermen (and Flounderwomen) are beginning the nightly search for delicious locally caught flounder.

The Shrimping Season has been good over the past year and the Shrimp Boats are bringing back nice catches of white shrimp to our docks. Warmer water temperatures off shore will see the seasonal change from White and Pink shrimp to our summer Brown Shrimp. You can learn more about North Carolina Shrimp by visiting the NC Division of Marine Fisheries website here.

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