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Young Artist Showcase (YAS) is a program sponsored by the Rural Alliance for the Arts that recognizes students who excel in six categories of “The Arts”: music, drama, art, writing, film, and dance. Each YAS winner is honored with a blue ribbon or trophy at his or her schools’ end-of-year program along with the sports and academic awards that are traditionally given by the school.

Young Artist Showcase is divided into two divisions: Junior (grades 6-8) and Senior (grades 9-12).

The Batesville Area Arts Council (BAAC) Young Artist Showcase (YAS) is open to students who are in grades 6-12 and attend one of the Batesville area schools -- Batesville Middle School, Batesville High School, St. Louis School, or Oldenburg Academy. The Showcase is also open to students who live outside the area but whose parents are members of BAAC.

A student may enter and win an award in each of the five YAS areas (art, music, dance, drama, film, and writing). However, a student may earn only one award in each area per year. For example, if a student has scores from two different contests in music, or scores from two different drama productions, only the higher score will be used to determine the award.

Each page lists the coordinator for the event. Please contact them if you have questions.

General questions can be directed to Mrs. Mary Gehring, BAAC YAS Chair, at