Anyone may refer a student for gifted education at any time: this includes teachers, counselors, parents, administrators, or individual students referring a student from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Upon receiving a Referral, the GATE Identification Review Committee will assess the Body of Evidence and determine if further testing is needed to proceed in the identification process.

Classroom teachers are responsible for differentiating instruction and for recognizing and nurturing academic and talent strength areas for all students. When a classroom teacher recognizes that a student needs additional services beyond regular classroom instruction, the teacher will refer the student to the GATE Facilitator at the their school for testing and evaluation.

According to ECEA Rules, the GATE Identification Review Committee has 30 days after a referral is made to determine whether a student will be formally identified, or if more time is needed to continue the identification assessment. An identification determination does not have to be made within 30 days, but all stakeholders must receive communication about the next steps of the identification process within 30 days. A referral does not necessarily lead to further assessments; the GATE Identification Review Committee will carefully consider the “Body of Evidence” of the referral, examine current student data and determine appropriate next steps, which may or may not require additional tests. The committee’s decision will be communicated to the parent/guardian, student and other educators in a timely manner.

Please use the Referral Form to the right to recommend a student for potential Gifted Identification

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