MCSD is progressing toward a districtwide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and PBL (Problem-Based Learning) implementation. PBL projects within the STEM model are the ideal way in which to authentically engage EL learners with academic language. ELD Specialists work closely with content teachers to plan and implement academic language learning within the PBL lessons.

ELD Specialist supports classroom teachers to incorporate:

Language demands involved in meeting standard (for every student)

a. academic linguistic complexity, type of discourse (recount, explain, argue, discuss)

b. academic language forms and patterns, sentence structures (grammar demands unique to given discourse)

c. academic vocabulary

2. Specific language needs of EL learners based on English language proficiency levels

a. Can Do’s within each language domain

3. Engagement and differentiated instruction to make learning accessible to all students.

Classroom teacher completes with ELD Specialist:

I. Based on standards, what language expectations are embedded in this PBL?

1. Assessments

2. Anchor lessons

3. Preparation for Panel

4. Panel Presentation

II. Get to know your EL learners.

1. Who are my EL learners?

2. What are their proficiency levels within each domain?

3. What are their Can Do’s that will assist in planning?

III. How do I make learning accessible to my students?

1. How can I support my students to gather information: Listening and Reading

2. How can I support my students to express their learning: Writing and Speaking

-Engagement strategies

-Differentiation techniques

PBL Planning for EL Learners 8.1.17.pdf