Program Placement

Program Placement and Instruction

When a student has been identified as an English learner, he/she is placed in the MCSD ELD Program. The English Language Acquisition Plan (ELAP) informs educators around EL assessment data, language and content area goals as well as appropriate scaffolds for content area instruction.

To collect data for newly identified EL learners, ELD Specialists will:

  • Review English ELAPs in EduSkills. Learn more about ELAPs here.
  • Search Infinite Campus database for detail on EL’s past experiences in this and other districts.
  • Gather information regarding EL’s level of proficiency in primary language and use of language in the home environment. If warranted, ELD Specialist will talk directly to parents or send home Family Information for Evaluation for PHLOTE Students forms in appropriate language. Oral IPT may be administered in Spanish if needed.
  • Collaborate with other educators around student needs. Refer to Instructional Delivery Plan to determine EL instructional tier. Learn more about Instructional Delivery Plan here.