MCSD Language Instruction Educational Program( LIEP)

MCSD ELD Program Model

MCSD’s ELD program is an “All English” model. English language instruction is universal; taught by all educators and infused into all content areas and interventions. To ensure our EL learner population’s needs are met, each of our schools employ an English Language Development (ELD) Specialist who oversees EL learner programs and instruction. The following are in place to support a quality English language instructional delivery plan for our EL learners as well as every student in our district.

Systems of Instruction

-Colorado Academic Standards and Colorado English Language Proficiency Standards are interwoven into all academic areas.

-State and district data, as well as ongoing formative assessments, are used to determine EL learner needs in grade level content proficiency as well as English language development,

-Multi-tiered systems of support are utilized to ensure EL learners receive appropriate and timely interventions in reading, writing, math, and/or other areas, as needed.

-The WIDA Standards Framework is understood and utilized by every educator to provide in-depth and appropriate language instruction.

-Teachers use best practices in English language development instruction.

-Newcomers, Non-English Proficient learners and Low-Limited English Proficient learners receive data-driven, direct English language instruction from the ELD Specialist.