EL Learner Identification

The Colorado Department of Education gives us the following guidance concerning the identification of EL learners.

The district will use the WIDA Screener/WAPT to assess the English language proficiency of all students enrolled in its schools that have a language other than English spoken in the home. Based on the results and a body of evidence (BOE), each student will be identified as Non-English Proficient (NEP) or Limited English Proficient (LEP). Program placement and instructional decisions will be based on the student’s English language proficiency designation and the BOE. When parents/guardians indicate on the Home Language Survey (HLS) that there is a language other than English present in the home or if educators notice evidence of a primary or home language other than English, the student will be tested using the WIDA Screener/WAPT. A parent may decline ELD services, but cannot decline the English learner designation. If a student is not identified as an English learner they are not eligible for ELD services. To ensure an equitable identification process for all students, all students must follow the same process. This process includes, but is not limited to foreign exchange, migrant, refugee, home school, online, charter and adopted students.

MCSD EL Student Identification Process

Identification of EL Learners
EL Learner Identification Checklist for ELD Specialist

Data Entry in Infinite Campus

Identification Data Entry in IC

Enter Identification Data-Screener/WAPT Scores

How to Enter Screener/WAPT data in IC

Upload Parent Notification in IC

Upload Parent Notification

Enter an ACCESS Score in IC

Adding an ACCESS score to IC.pdf

SOLOM- Body of Evidence

SOLOM Directions 2018-19.docx
SOLOM 2018-19.doc

WAPT-Kindergarten and First Semester-First Grade Screener

Proficiency Classification Scores

WAPT Profieciency Levels Kinder and 1st Grade, First Semester
WAPT Summary Scoresheet-1st Semester Kindergarten
1st Semester MCSD Kindergarten W-APT Summary Scoresheet
WAPT Summary Scoresheet-2nd Semester Kindergarten, 1st Semester First Grade
2nd Semester Kindergarten W-APT Summary Scoresheet

Parent Notifications

Parent Notification of Qualification English

Identification-Parent Notification:Consent

Parent Notification of Qualification Spanish

Spanish Identification Parent Notification

Electronic document labeling: (lower case) first letter-first name, last name, underscore, PN Example: pgonzalez_PN