Curriculum Standards and Instruction

MCSD ELD Curriculum is designed to immerse our EL learners in academic language; communication and collaboration within grade-level content knowledge and skills. Our curriculum encourages our EL learners to use all features of language (vocabulary, sentence structure, linguistic complexity) to acquire a new and deeper understanding of the language of the content areas and to communicate that understanding to others. For this purpose, we use the WIDA Standards as our curriculum framework. The WIDA Standards Framework combines the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) with the Colorado English Language Proficiency Standards in a system that embeds English language development within the content area study. Using a systematic template, our ELD Specialists conduct linguistic analyses of the content curriculum and identify potential challenges for EL learners. Instruction for EL learners is then focused on content vocabulary, language functions, and the grammatical and lexical features of the written and oral language within content areas.

MCSD Curricular Framework Planning Templates

MCSD ELD Curricular Framework Explained.pdf
MCSD ELD Curricular Framework.docx

Features of Academic Language: Academic Discourse

What is Discourse in ELD?.pptx

Components of Colorado English Language Proficiency Standards

Features of Academic Language.pdf
WIDA Performance Definitions.pdf
Speaking and Writing Rubrics.pdf

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