Culture & Equity


To provide program support in order to ensure ELs have an equitable and fair access to a quality education.


To establish a cohesive approach to learning through parent and community outreach and increase communication between all stakeholders.

Title III


Title III is a supplemental grant under ESEA designed to improve and enhance the education of ELs and provides opportunities for school districts to enhance instructional opportunities for immigrant students and families.


In order to be awarded these funds, school districts must ensure that the ELD Program fulfills the following requirements. The program must:

  • provide activities & programs that will expand core ELD and academic programs
  • increase language proficiency and provide equitable access to content
  • provide professional development for principals, other school leaders, administrators and instructional staff
  • promote parent and community engagement
  • consult all stakeholders
  • ensure teachers in ELD programs are fluent in English
  • coordinate activities with local Head Start & Early Childhood Agencies
  • maintain compliance with state law and federal requirements
  • ensure notification of program for ELs within first 30 days of school year
  • maintain effective means of outreach to parents of ELs
  • provide a fair, equitable, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education by monitoring & evaluating it
  • ensure taxpayer dollars are administered and used accordingly

Community and Family Partnerships

To ensure compliance with Title III requirements, the ELD Culture and Equity program works hard to ensure that current school district activities increase family engagement and provides opportunities for students, parents, and school and community stakeholders to work inclusively and help improve the education of underserved students.

These activities include:

  • parent tutorials on parent portal and school district website.
  • home visits
  • coordination and/or support of school family engagement activities
  • support for Early Childhood Centers
  • improvement of districtwide Spanish translation and interpretation services (See Interpreting/Translating Handbook)
  • the development of partnerships with Colorado Mesa University, the Adam's State University CAMP program, Migrant Education, Adult ESL classes and other local agencies/businesses
  • collaboration with the district Hispanic Parent Action Committee
  • the coordination of EL tutoring services thru the 21st Century After-School Program
  • monitoring and promotion of the Si Se Puede Award (See Si Se Puede Award Initiative)
  • the development of professional development on cultural responsiveness

Si Se Puede


The Si Se Puede award is intended to recognize students who are working hard in the classroom and are growing academically demonstrating extraordinary effort and citizenship. ­­Since 2002, we have made an effort to acknowledge students who are showing outstanding success in the classroom. The “Sí se Puede” (Yes, I can!) award is one way to encourage students to do their best.

How it Works

Teachers nominate a Hispanic or any other student with a diverse cultural background based on his/her academic growth, effort, leadership, citizenship or other accomplishment. Each school presents students with a certificate (Spanish or English), and a magnetic picture frame with a photo of the student (photo is provided).

Most schools present the awards during a school assembly or home visit. A poster of the award and student picture is displayed at the entrance of the school building as well.

Community Sponsorship

Local businesses donate a tax-deductible donation of $100.00 to print the Si Se Puede award as an ad in the Montrose Daily Press and serves as a way for community organizations/businesses to demonstrate support for at-risk students.


Elementary Schools

Cottonwood Elementary - Angie Jaime-Mayorga

Johnson Elementary - Amber Soler

Northside Elementary – Cindy DeJulio

Oak Grove Elementary – Christian Madrid

Pamona Elementary – Malba Bustamante

Olathe Elementary – Deborah Conroe or Gayle Sofka

Middle Schools

Centennial – Hallie Leavitt

Columbine – Michelle Crimm

Olathe – Mark Liebenthal

High Schools

Olathe – Marc Alton

Montrose – LeighAnn Mertens