MCSD ELD Formative Assessment System

The MCSD ELD team has developed an English language formative assessment system. We use this districtwide system to inform ELD instruction, monitor progress from one proficiency level to the next, and provide performance feedback to learners, parents, and teachers.

Our aligned, districtwide system consists of the following components:

  1. ongoing assessment of expressive language; speaking and writing
  2. common processes
  • detailed performance rubrics K-12 (aligned with CELP Standards and WIDA Proficiency Definitions)
  • critical thinking questions to elicit depth of language use
  • scoring form
  • communication and reporting processes

Formative Assessment Data Documents

Speaking and Writing Record Sheet, Quarterly Formative Assessment Report

Writing Language Proficiency Recording Sheet

Reporting Processes

  • All NEP and Low LEP English learners will be progress monitored at least once per quarter.
  • High LEP and FEP will be monitored when they are not making adequate progress.
  • ELD Specialists use the MCSD ELD Formative Assessment Proficiency Level Calculator/Rubric to determine current proficiency level.
  • ELD Specialists use ongoing formative assessment results to conference with NEP and Low LEP learners and set learning goals.
  • At the end of each quarter, formative assessment proficiency levels are entered into Infinite Campus by ELD Specialist.

Formative Assessment Resources

Guiding Questions

H.S. Exit Ticket Formative Assessment.docx
Gap Finder Assessment.pdf

Differences between language instruction and content instruction?

Language vs Content Instruction

Sentence Complexity

Sentence-Complexity-Guidelines_171117.docx copy.pdf