Okie Thunder

Okie Thunder is another original strain by Larimer Seed Co., and is a head nod to the Oklahoma City Thunder!! This hard-hitting strain will have you dreaming of NBA Championships in no time!

Okie Thunder is a combination of Golden Goat crossed with Blue Dream which was then crossed with a very special strain we are calling Betty's Stash. More on this strain in the future!!! We cannot wait to release the write up on that one! You can expect to receive happy, relaxed, pain-free sensations from the Golden goat mother, and the Blue Dream genetics will bring out your creative, care-free side with the power to melt away any stress you may be experiencing. Since Golden Goat traces part of its lineage back to Hawaii and Island Sweet Skunk, you will be enticed by the berry citrus taste and smell that accompanies both of these parental lines!

Conditions Treated: Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Appetite Stimulation Taste: Citrus, Berries, Sweet