CBD Express

This one is an extreme CBD strain that is a cross between Midnight Express CBD and 2 Many CBD.

Midnight Express is an extremely skunky CBD strain put out by Cannafam Genetics out of Michigan. The female strain grows extremely dense, thick, resinous flowers that can trick your mind into thinking a skunk got into the grow room. It has a low to moderate THC level around 4-10% and moderate CBD in the 8-13% range. “2 Many CBD,” is a limited release strain by Jinxproof Genetics, creator of 9 lb Hammer. Subtle, sweet fruit notes, lightly flavored, extraordinary anti-inflammatory provides pain relief and full body relaxation (1 to 1 CBD 11%) Too Many was originally developed by Jinxproof as a strain for soldiers and veterans suffering from PTSD.

Larimer Seed Co. got a hold of these seeds from him personally and picked a phenotype that was full of pinks and maroon hues, pink pistils, and extremely resinous flowers. They used a male Midnight Express which expressed some wonderful traits! These 2 strains resulted in a beautifully ornate, resinous flowers that look like they were dusted with powdered sugar. High in CBD and moderate THC, this strain is the PERFECT strain for patients suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, etc.. This strain will not disappoint those looking for truly medicinal effects.