Golden Healing

Featured in Weed World Magazine's August 2017 Issue under the Featured Breeder Article, Larimer Seed Co.’s Golden Healing is the very first strain created and offered to the public by Larimer Seed Co. Seeing the need for higher CBD content in strains with moderate to high THC, Larimer Seed Co. decided to breed a high CBD, low THC strain from Solace Meds in Fort Collins, Colorado, and a 100 % African Landrace Sativa with moderate to high THC to fill a missing gap in the market. These two strains are Sense Of Healing CBD by Solace Meds as the mother, and Swazi Gold, from Swaziland, Africa, as the father. The marrying of these two strains created an uplifting, depression smashing strain that leaves all pain and anxiety at the doorstep. You should expect to see CBD content from 6-12% and THC from 18-24%. This strain should be well suited to help treat PTSD, Depression, Pain, Anxiety, Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders, Nausea, and provide excellent appetite stimulation.