OKCPS Key bee

Mission possible!

Why a Keyboarding Bee?

Looking at future ready skills for our students, keyboarding is a must. Not only is it an essential skill for most career fields, it is now also a required skill for every student in our district. ALL tests are now administered online and students that cannot type are at a steep disadvantage.

The OKCPS Keyboarding Bee uses the program of Typing.com and it is designed to be motivational and fun! Each lesson within the platform has fun animated intro videos and sprinkles awards and games among the learning. At our keyboarding bee pilot school, F.D. Moon Academy, the students and teachers were overwhelmingly supportive of the event and surprised at the advancement of the student's keyboarding skills. Their school champion was typing almost 40 words per minute with 100% accuracy in just nine weeks!

Sign up for our "Mission Possible" and your students can excel in keyboarding too! Check out the Curriculum page!

Questions? Contact your ETS representative here.

"I really love how the kids have taken on the task to practice, and still love to compete against each other almost every day in class!" - Brandi Williamson, Teacher - F.D. Moon Academy


Welcome, Agent

Kicking off your keyboarding bee is an important first step in school wide implementation of the keyboarding program.

Your students will love this introduction video! The video will be personalized to your school when you accept the challenge.

The video can be used to explain the "mission" to students, teachers, and parents. And, all that teachers do is lead students to log into Clever and get started on the Typing.com app!

All the details you need are on this site, and easy step by step instructions for Typing.com are on the Curriculum page.

All you have to do is sign up!

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