Parent-Teacher Conferences

Save the Date! February 17-18

Parent Teacher Conference Times

**Families who would like to schedule a virtual conference should reach out to their child’s teacher or school.

Thursday, February 17

ELEMENTARY 3:30-7:00

  • ROGERS 4:00-7:30

MIDDLE 4:15-7:45

HIGH 3:00-6:30

  • Star Spencer Mid-High 3:00-6:30

  • Alternative Education 3:00-6:30

  • Classen SAS @NE 3:30-7:00

Friday, February 18

ALL SCHOOLS 8:00-11:30 a.m.

Why Should you Attend Parent Teacher Conferences?

  • It is a great opportunity to meet the teacher, if you haven't done so already

  • Learn how your student is doing in school and discuss your student's grades and progress

  • Talk about how your child behaves at school and/or how they get along with others

  • Use this as an opportunity to share what you know about your child! Your information helps the teacher better understand and teach your child.You can discuss their interests, dislikes and goals

  • Families can ask questions and discuss any concerns they may have

  • Your teacher can provide tips and information on how to support your student at home

  • Students are more likely to succeed in school if their caregivers are involved and participate in their education

  • Families can request for the conference to take place virtually or over the phone, just coordinate with your teacher in advance

How to Prepare

  • Attend the conference! If you have a conflict and are unable to attend, talk to your teacher and reschedule the meeting.

  • Be there on time. Meetings usually last from 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Prior to your meeting, think about questions you might want to ask

  • Don't be shy! voice your opinions and concerns with your teacher

Questions to Ask During Parent Teacher Conferences

  • How does my child get along with other adults and children?

  • How is my child doing emotionally? How are they usually during the day, happy, sad, mad?

  • Does my child hand in homework on time and is it complete?

  • Is my child doing work at or above grade level?

  • What are my child’s academic strengths and weaknesses?

  • What do academic performance assessments or tests mean?

  • Does my child need help in certain areas? If so, what are some of the resources that OKCPS has in place to help my child?

  • How are grades determined?

  • Does my child work better in groups or alone?

  • Is there any concern about learning or behavior problems that I should know about? If so, what has been tried to help my child?

  • What can I do at home and school to support my child's learning?

  • How can I keep in touch about my child’s progress?

  • What are some opportunities for me to become involved at school?