Student Transfers

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Important Information
All Families

Pre-K Student Transfer Application
Students Entering into Pre-K for the 2023-2024 School Year

OKCPS offers Pre-K at every elementary school site with no lottery or waiting list.
For additional information regarding Pre-K, please visit

In-District Student Transfer Application
Residents of the Oklahoma City Public Schools District

Families living within the OKCPS boundary can apply for a transfer from their assigned neighborhood school to another OKCPS school by completing the application linked above.

Out-of-District Student Transfer
Residents Who Live Outside the Oklahoma City Public Schools Boundary

Families living outside the OKCPS boundary can apply for a transfer to attend an OKCPS school by using the application link above. 

Need Help?

Grace Garcia

Student Transfer Specialist
Phone: (405) 587-0490

Jamie Cuellar

(Habla Español)
Student Transfer Specialist
Phone: (405) 587-0491

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply for a new transfer for 2024 for my child?

- Asking for a new transfer to a school other than assigned to the home address?  Apply for 2024 beginning February 15.
- Current transfer student continuing at the same school? Do not submit a new request.
- Current 4th- or 8th-grade student transfer student? Request a transfer to attend a school other than assigned. School Locator Tool shows schools by home address.
- Current transferred Pre-K student seeking to continue at the same school? Request a 2024 transfer for notification by May 31.

How does OKCPS determine if a student is eligible for a transfer?

All transfer requests received by the district are considered in accordance with Oklahoma City Public Schools Board Policy F-04. Three criteria are the basis for transfer consideration:

When can I apply for a transfer?

What will I need to complete a transfer application?

When and how will I be notified of the status of my transfer request?

How are transfer requests processed?

Are there priorities for transfer consideration?

Yes, the following priorities apply:

I am needing my child’s STN to request a transfer to another district outside of OKCPS, who can I contact?

To request your child’s STN please email with the parent’s name, date of birth, and phone number.

Why was my transfer denied?

You will receive written notice of the reason for your transfer denial. Transfers may be denied for any of the following reasons:

What can I do if my transfer request is denied or my transfer is revoked?

If the transfer request is denied or revoked, you have a right to appeal the decision by completing the online Oklahoma City Public Schools Appeal Form.

Can I request a transfer to an in-person OKCPS school if I am enrolled in e3 (Online Learning)?

No, since the OKCPS Online Learning Program is a semester-long commitment you must be attending in person to request a transfer to another school. You may however request a transfer at the end of the winter semester to start attending in person in the Spring, and you may request a transfer for the upcoming school year during the spring transfer window (February 15 - April 15). 

I moved during the middle of the school year, can my child still attend the same school?

Board policy and state law allow a family that has moved after the first day of school to continue at the same school for the duration of the school year. If a family wishes to continue beyond the current school year, they will need to request a transfer during the Spring Transfer Window.

What are my next steps if I have just moved into the Oklahoma City Public Schools district, or have moved to a new address within the district?

How can I apply to an application school?

Our application schools handle their own applications. You will need to contact them directly to apply. When students are approved to attend application schools, our office transfers them to the correct schools.