Sierra View 6th Grade

Welcome to the website for Sierra View sixth grade. Here you'll find information about upcoming events, important reminders, and helpful resources. You can also contact your teacher via email by clicking her name below.

Ms. Hensley

Mrs. Frazee

Mrs. Meyer

Important Announcements

Welcome back to school! Class lists will be posted on Wednesday, August 8, at 4pm to find out who your teacher is. In the meantime, check the list of necessary supplies below to get ready for sixth grade.

School Supplies

Sixth grade will be an exciting year for your child! To help your child get off to a great start, please make sure your child has the following supplies:

  • a 3 ring binder (at least 2”) with dividers and binder paper
  • clear page protectors (1 or 2)
  • at least 2 individual single-subject notebooks
  • pencils (mechanical or regular) with erasers and a pencil sharpener
  • pencil box
  • colored pencils and markers
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • whiteboard (dry-erase) markers - preferably the skinny, fine-point kind
  • headphones (any type) that will be kept at school
  • Optional: highlighters, crayons, ruler, Sharpies, pens, binder hole punch, small stapler, folders, etc.

A Note About Cell Phones

Sixth graders are allowed to bring cell phones and other devices for occasional use in the classroom, however, they are not allowed on the playground and must be turned off in class unless the teacher has said otherwise. Students may NEVER take or post pictures of other students at school. If a student fails to abide by these rules, their device will be immediately confiscated and turned in to the office.