Volunteering to Assist in School

Volunteering to Assist in School

For more detailed information please read District Policy # 916

The District recognizes that the talent, skills, and experience of community members can help enrich student educational and extracurricular activities. The District will involve volunteers as appropriate for the benefit of students and the District.

Subject to various legal requirements, the Board is authorized to adopt reasonable rules regarding school affairs.

Once again, to assure the proper support for volunteer programs of the District, please read the following policies and regulations:

District Policy #916 and District Policy # 916A

Prior to entering areas in school buildings where student contact is likely, and prior to serving as a volunteer or unpaid assistant, all visitors, volunteers, and unpaid assistants shall complete Raptor screening. All volunteers are required to submit a standard application. The application will be maintained in the building’s file. As part of that application, each applicant shall complete Raptor (or other such building level security program that may exist). The building principal shall maintain a record of the names, a brief description of the services performed by the volunteer, Raptor results, and the clearances submitted for all volunteers in his/her respective building. The Athletic Director shall maintain the same information for volunteers serving to assist coaches.

The records shall be maintained for a period of (5) years.

Volunteers must acquire and/or submit the following clearances along with the Raptor screening prior to providing volunteer services:

Volunteer Application

PA State Police Criminal History Report– dated no more than one year prior to the application date

PA Department of Human Services Child Abuse Report– dated no more than one year prior to the application date

Federal Criminal History Report or Exemption from FBI clearnance form if you have been a PA resident throughout the entirety of the previous 10-year period– dated no more than one year prior to the application date

PDE-6004 Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form– dated as of application date – This is a written statement that the individual has never been arrested or convicted of certain crimes specified in 24 P.S. § 1-111.