Reporting and Documenting Absences

Reporting and Documenting Absences

The Administration and staff of the Owen J. Roberts School District recognize that a positive correlation exists between regular school attendance and student achievement. Therefore, parents/guardians are asked to be judicious in monitoring their student’s attendance patterns and records.

Parents/guardians must notify the school of their child’s absence prior to the start of the school day by calling the District’s attendance line (610-469-5688). However, written correspondence such as a signed parent note to the building attendance clerk or utilizing a fax will also be accepted. Parents should not email a teacher as it will not be accepted. All documentation of student absences, including a record of all telephone calls, will be maintained in the Attendance Office and shall be considered the official record.

Communications for student absences will only be accepted from parents/guardians. For those parents/guardians contacting the school by telephone, the procedures are as follows:

      • The evening before or by the start of the school day on the morning of the absence, the parent/guardian must call 610-469-5688.
      • The system will direct the call to the appropriate building. This phone contact will be recorded.

At the tone, please state:

      • your name
      • your relationship to the student
      • the student’s full name
      • the student’s grade
      • the reason for the absence or tardiness
      • the teacher name, if known
      • a return telephone number

If the student is absent for more than one day, the parents/guardians need to call the attendance line for each subsequent day.

In cases where the student is absent and the parent has not called, the school will attempt to call the parent/guardian’s primary contact number and, if necessary, leave a message.

If an excuse for the student’s absence is not communicated to the school prior to the student’s return, an excuse note must be submitted within three (3) school days of returning to school. Failure to provide an excuse will result in the absence being classified as illegal for compulsory age students and unexcused for students who are beyond compulsory school age as defined by School Code and this policy.