Student Complaint Process

Student Complaint Process

For more detailed information, please read District Policy #219


The Board recognizes that students have the right to request redress of complaints. Further, the Board believes that the inculcation of respect for lawful procedures is an important part of the educational process. Accordingly, individual and group complaints should be recognized and appropriate appeal procedures provided.


For purposes of this policy, a student "complaint" shall be any such that arises out of actions that directly affect the student's participation in an approved educational program.


The Board or its employees will recognize the complaints of the students of this District provided that such complaints are made according to procedures established by Board policy.

  • The student should first make the complaint known to the staff member most closely involved or, if none is identifiable, his/her guidance counselor and both shall attempt to resolve the issue informally and directly.
  • For complaints which must move beyond the first step, the student shall prepare a written statement of his/her complaint which shall set forth:
    • The specific nature of the complaint and a brief statement of the facts giving rise to it; the manner in which and extent to which the student believes s/he has been adversely affected; the relief sought by the student; and the reasons why the student feels s/he is entitled to the relief sought.
    • The complaint may then be submitted to the building principal with a suitable period of time allowed for the hearing of the complaint and the preparation of a response. The student shall be afforded the opportunity to be heard personally. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the student may repeat the appeal process to the Superintendent.