Special Education

Special Education

The Owen J. Roberts School District is committed to providing appropriate services to all children of school age with special needs. Appropriate individual programs are provided in the least restrictive environment. Each of our schools has highly qualified Pennsylvania certified special education teachers to meet the various needs of students with disabilities.


Paraprofessionals serve a wide variety of roles in our buildings. They are here to support our students and staff and work under the guidance and supervision of teachers and administration. Please be aware that all communications should be made directly to your child’s teacher.

Instructional Support Team Program (IST)

Each elementary school in Owen J. Roberts utilizes the Instructional Support Team (IST) model to assist students who continue to experience academic, social, or behavioral difficulty even after tiered interventions have been implemented. The Instructional Support Team provides collaborative support to parents/guardians, teachers and students. Members of the team include administrators, faculty and parents/guardians who work together to identify the student’s needs, set goals, and develop an individualized intervention plan to achieve those goals. In addition, each IST is coordinated by a specially trained instructional support teacher who provides consultation, technical assistance, and training to teachers and parents/guardians of identified students. Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in the process through open communication, implementation of strategies, and monitoring progress. Concerned parents and teachers may request the assistance of the IST by contacting the building principal or the instructional support teacher.


East Coventry: Mrs. Paula Jackson 610-469-5366

East Vincent: Mr. Mark Eisenhuth 610-469-5257

French Creek: Ms. Cheryl Burinsky 610-469-5178

North Coventry: Mrs. Kellie Bean 610-469-5183

West Vincent: Mrs. Jean McMenamin 610-469-1405

Response to Intervention and Instruction (RtII)

The RtII process is a multi-tiered approach to providing services and interventions to meet the instructional needs of all students. Universal screening assessments are given throughout the school year to determine which students are “at risk” for not meeting grade level standards in reading. Students whose scores on the screening fall below an established cut-off are identified as needing continued progress monitoring and possibly more intensive interventions. Students with scores well above a certain cut-off are considered for possible enrichment.

Title I and Supplemental Reading/ Math Programs

Owen J. Roberts School District annually receives federal funds for the purpose of providing supplemental instruction. It is offered to those students whose achievement indicates the need for additional basic skills development in language arts and mathematicsas determined by multiple criteria. A variety of faculty and support staff work with identified students.

Mentally Gifted (Academically Talented Program – ATP)

A school district screening/identification procedure of students emphasizes the use of multiple criteria as a means of determining eligibility for placement in the gifted program. Consequently, the screening process seeks input from multiple sources: teacher recommendation; group ability and achievement test scores; screening for creative talent; and parent/guardian recommendation. Students are referred for psychological examination after meeting specific screening criteria.