General Emergency Procedures

General Emergency Procedures

Emergency Dismissals

Each school office has a copy of The Owen J. Roberts School District Safety Plan and Emergency Plans available for your review.

      • When school is delayed two hours, please follow the modified Kindergarten schedule:
          • a.m. kindergarten will report from 10:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
          • p.m. kindergarten will report from 1:05 p.m. – 3:10 p.m.

If school is dismissed early due to an emergency, a.m. kindergarten will have class and p.m. kindergarten will be cancelled. Please note this does not refer to regularly scheduled early dismissal days.

Emergency School Evacuation Procedure

Should an emergency arise in which the Superintendent or designee decides there is a need to evacuate the elementary buildings, students will be transported to the Secondary Campus. Specific procedures can be viewed in the elementary office of each building

Closing Due to a Malfunction(s) within the Building

Action in this case will be to utilize other Owen J. Roberts School facilities for completion of the school day. Therefore, elementary students will not be sent home if only one (1) building has an emergency. Dismissal will be by normal procedure.

Closing Due to Inclement Weather

When weather conditions necessitate an early dismissal for all district schools, an automated call system will be utilized. In addition, local radio and television stations will broadcast dismissal information and an announcement will be posted on the website.

The Owen J. Roberts weather emergency number is 857. This information is also posted on the District website,

In this situation parents are reminded that we must dismiss quickly for the safety of the children. Parents should provide children with alternate plans for a place to go if you are unable to be home.

REMEMBER: In case of adverse weather conditions ALL students will be sent home on regular bus runs. Therefore, it is important that children have alternate "homes". It is extremely important that the district has current phone numbers and email addresses to be used with the automated calling system.