Fourth grade

First quarter: the water cycle, el ciclo del agua

Dear parents and students, welcome to the Spanish intensive class where we learn Science in Spanish.

Practica vocabulario del ciclo del agua en el ciclo del agua

Look for my class yirayoggerst and have fun!

Práctica de vocabulario del ciclo del agua

Today, Monday September 11th, students were given homework for Wednesday. There will be a test on Thursday

Grades can be checked on-line. If a student wants to retake the test for a better grade, they need to do some extra practice before they try again.

As I mentioned last week, the vocabulary words can be found on under this title:

  • Ciencias bloque I- El ciclo del agua-

In case students have no access to the internet, they also have vocabulary cards to study.

I have sent home some information on the app "remind". Please, sign up if you have a smart phone as it is the easiest fastest way to get notifications about assignments.

These are the notes we have been working on this week.

Students should be reviewing them at home on a regular basis.

They may take their folder home to study, but it has to be brought back to school everyday.

Learning about the scientific method.

Working on an experiment to demonstrate the water cycle.

The experiment is growing!

More experiments!



We finished block III two weeks ago. We started block IV last Monday: Rocks and Minerals

These are the vocabulary words for the new block.

This is a video from Eduteca that explains the characteristics of Minerals.


We are working on the fourth block: minerals and rocks.