News & Updates for the week of February 19th

Students are now regularly working on building, editing, and adding new material on their Google Sites. Website development is something that students will continue to work on the remainder of the semester. Just like on any site, these are projects that continue to evolve and change on a regular basis. All student sites are maintained and edited by the students themselves, so please visit them to by going to the "Student Work" page or clicking here.

In addition to website development, we are also going to begin our first project with Google's Applied Digital Skills program this week. Our task will be to work collaboratively to build an interactive "if-then adventure story" using Google Slides. You can see previous student work by visiting the Student Work page on this site.

Upcoming: Working with Scratch!

I apologize that I was unavailable during OPA's parent conferences. As always, if you would like to meet, please email me to arrange a time to meet at a time that is convenient for both of us.

Most students have now completed through level 13 in, which is a marvelous way to "warm-up" their critical thinking, analytical, and trouble-shooting skills. This program also is a great way to introduce students to coding using Block coding.

OPA is fortunate to be a GAFE (Google Apps for Education) School. This comes with many benefits for our students and teachers. In Computer Tech, I am making sure that students understand the basics in many of these Google Apps before we continue on to group and collaborative work that will involve Google's Applied Digital Skills program, Hour of Code, and our very own Donor's Choose Project featuring Raspberry Pi. Additionally, my class will apply the coding skills to sponsor some the Aguilas Activities at OPA that feature Sphero robots!! Check back soon for some awesome updates and photos!!

For a detailed look at day-to-day lessons and updates, visit your student's Google Classroom.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or concerns. Bruce Boughton

Many aspects of life become better when teamwork is involved. This is why I often use collaboration with my students.

Student Awards for Semester I

Best Website B1: Emma Wilkinson

Best Website B2: Kyla Jann

Computer Genius Award: Karli Christofferson

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