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October 31st -November 4th

6th Grade: This week the students learned about El Dia De Los Muertos. We saw a video comparing and contrasting Halloween and El Dia De Los Muertos. We also talked about Jose Guadalupe Posada and his influence on the Dia De Los Muertos celebration. At the end of the week the students colored a sugar skull replica(on paper). Next week we will focus on the Spanish speaking countries and capitals.

4th Grade: We went over food and likes and dislikes. We listened and watched a video that had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The kids really enjoyed it.

3rd Grade: We went over school places and took a tour around the school showing the various places. Next week they will start on a "3D" project on the school places.

LIA: The students are enjoying tutoring at the elementary school. We also started talking about healthy relationships and boundaries.

October 3rd-7th

6th Grade: This week the students finished their final draft and started presenting. Next week we will start a new unit on the present tense and start looking at Spanish speaking countries.

4th: Grade: We went over basic descriptions. The students took notes and interviewed each other and wrote down their descriptions. Next week we will do a unit exam(written and oral).

3rd Grade: We finished class subjects and continued to review. The review was on colors, family, city and school subjects.

LIA: We went to the multicultural youth leadership summit in Salt Lake. The students loved it and really enjoyed the guest speakers. In class they worked on stress management tip and were working on a presentation.

September 19th -23 rd

6th Grade: This week we continued to work on comic strip. Next week we will finish the final draft and present on Friday.

4th Grade: We started working on body parts. We have practiced the head, shoulders, knees and toes song in Spanish(the kids loved it).

3rd Grade: The students presented their city and gave directions to different locations on the map. We also played silent ball review and started learning about school subjects, such as math, science, English etc.

LIA: This week the students finish presenting their school time management and organizational tips. They also started working on a personal time management handout where they wrote down their daily schedule and calculated their use of time in a year. We calculated that 4 hours a day on phone using social media etc equaled to 60 days a year!!!!

September 5th- September 9th

6th Grade: This week we continued to practice the time(la hora) . On Friday we had a quiz on the time(la hora). We also started working on a school schedule and will start on a comic strip of the day, that will include time and classroom objects.

4th Grade: We finished the books on professions. We also played a variation of 4 corners with the professions with a twist on corners disappearing. We finished the week with a open book quiz on the professions.

3rd Grade:The class finished cutting and decorating their posters on the city(La ciudad) . We also learned about directions like derecha(right), izquierda(left), derecho(straight).

LIA: The classes elected their presidents. The students worked on preparing a presentation on organization and time management. Some of the students volunteered at the OPA Family Night Art event on Thursday and they enjoyed it. Next week LIA will be providing translation services and will serve as guides for people during Parent Teacher Conferences(PTC).

August 29-September 2

6th Grade: This week we learned how to tell time(la hora) in Spanish. We reviewed la hora by playing a Kahoot. Also as a class we have a competition going on, between the students and I, on who can speak less English in the class. At the end of the quarter if the class beats me they will have a party. Next week we will continue to work on the time and school schedule.

4th Grade: The focus for this week was professions. We saw a video on the various professions and we played a variation of 4 corners but with professions. The kids loved the game. They also started working on a book that has 12 professions and started to write a brief description on each profession. Next week we will finish the book and they will present to me one of their favorite profession.

3rd Grade: This week the focus was Familia and introducing places in the city. The students presented to me their drawing and labeling of their own family. On Thursday we learned about various places in the city, we played silent ball review on the city, the kids loved it! next we will continue to work on the city and will work on making a map of the city and label it.

LIA: This week we focused on presenting Mi Familia project. The students did amazing on their projects, some did power points others did posters. I think that the students had a better understanding of themselves by the end of the project. The students also submitted their request on which committee they were interested in and also if they were interested in leadership roles. Next week we will have elections on the class president.

August 22-26

6th Grade: This week we reviewed numbers and colors. We also started on libro de gramática. The libro de gramática is a book that contains index cards and has key grammar concepts that will help guide students on assignments and projects.

4th Grade: For the first part of this week we reviewed colors, days of the week, and months. Our new unit focus is professions. We will be creating a small booklet on the various professions.

3rd Grade: This week we reviewed colors, days of the week, and family. The students were quizzed by me and an assistant on the various family members and did very well. They also created a poster about their family and labeled the different family members.

LIA: This week one of the team building activities was the human knot, which encourages communication and cooperation, another activity was the "i've never..." game which, is a get to know you game. The students also voted on colors for the LIA shirts. The major project is "Mi Familia" they worked on personal history and will be presenting this upcoming week.