Annual Matt Gunn Memorial Walk-A-Thon

Matt Gunn

Matt Gunn was a beloved member of the racing community and the Ogden Preparatory Academy Family. He shared his love for running with the children he taught as well as providing new and fun races throughout the state of Utah. Gunn was the founder of the Zion 100, the first race that later became the Zion Ultra Race Series. He often participated in these races and was a support for others pushing themselves physically as well. He ran a running club for the Elementary students at Ogden Preparatory where the kids learned to enjoy running. Gunn is greatly missed and so we want to honor his memory.

The Event

To honor Matt Gunn we are holding a virtual walk-a-thon during April of 2021. Our goal is to complete as many sets of 100 miles as possible in dedication of him and one of his favorite races. Individually we might not have the ability to do what he loved but we can work together in completing a Zion Ultra together. You can walk, run, or hike to complete these miles. All of these things Matt Gunn loved to do while he was with us. This event is for us to join together and be more like Matt Gunn.

Total Number of Miles


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What are ways I can know how far I went?

    • Map My Run by Under Armour is a great app that will track your mileage as you walk outside.

    • If your phone or watch is not able to connect to GPS for a mileage tracking app you can use the step rule. Which is for about every 2,000 walking steps you go 1 mile. For running it is about 1500 steps per mile. (You tend to take longer strides running vs. walking) These numbers are average and will be higher the shorter you are and lower the taller you are.

    • Treadmill Miles Count

    • Many trails and walking paths have mileage posted, use those.