OPA 8th Grade Science


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CONGRATULATIONS to our February and March Science Students of the Month:

Science Scholars: Emma Wilkinson, Wakely Meikle, Julian Coria

Science Citizens: Dylan Howard, Stiven Palacios


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In 8th grade science, we learn science by doing science. This year you will be doing science. Don't be surprised if we have some fun along the way.

SUMMARY: Eighth grade science integrates ecology, chemistry, geology, and physics. The themes for 8th grade science are change and energy; energy causes change and all change requires energy. In ecology, photosynthesis and respiration use energy to cause change in living organisms. In chemistry, energy is absorbed or released as matter is rearranged to make new substances. In geology, water, wind, and plate movement are sources of energy that causes change in the Earth's surface in modern times just as they did anciently. Movement requires energy; physics describes, measures, and predicts movement.