Welcome to Math Class

If a student is absent, it is recommended that the student stays after school (on the day he/she returns to school) to receive instruction on the content that was taught on the day he/she was absent.

REMINDER: please check grades on Aspire, and note any missing assignments. Then, go to the tab on the top right corner to print them.

Turn them in AS SOON AS possible. If you were absent, they need to be turned in the next class period after your return to class. Corrections can be done ONLY ONCE on a separate piece of paper.

  • Write your name on it.
  • Write the problems, and show your work and write an explanation of each problem you missed to receive full credit.
  • Staple the paper to the original assignment, and turn it in to Ms. Franklin.

Please remember to turn in the disclosure signed by you and your parents next class period.


Ms. Franklin

Disclosure for math classes 2016