Small Groups

Which small group is right for my student?

Gus and Gussie 1st.grade (10 Lessons)

Growing Up Strong is a special program for first grade students to enhance self-esteem and learn healthy life skills. Growing Up Strong is special because it provides an educational and prevention vehicle for families, schools and communities to positively influence school-age children during the critical years in which self-image develops. The effect of learning, during this time in a child’s life, is generally greater than any later time.

Children receive guidance and practice in such areas as taking responsibility, expressing feelings, learning coping skills, anger management, resisting peer pressure and other related healthy life skills.

Lesson topics as follow:

  1. Introductions, ME Books, Rules
  2. About Me/Self-esteem
  3. My Family
  4. Friends/Peer Pressure
  5. Empathy/Diversity
  6. Feelings
  7. Coping Skills
  8. Anger Management
  9. Personal Safety
  10. Working Together

Circle of Friends K-3rd grade (6 Lessons)

Lessons that provide the students a guide on how to make and keep friends by reflecting on the qualities of a good friend.

It’s Good to be Me All grades (6 Lessons)

This group is all about sharpening the saw. It’s helps students boost their confidence and to develop the habits to take care of themselves and find the balance between highs and lows.

Social Skills K-1st grade (6 Lessons)

This group helps the students to build an understanding of positive school behaviors, and learn the school rules.

GIRLS 4th & 5th grade (10 Lessons)

Girls are encouraged to share feelings and struggles as they openly discuss important issues in a safe and supportive environment. They become empowered, gain self-awareness, develop coping strategies, improve problem-solving skills, and learn to make healthy decisions.

Lesson topics as follow:

  1. Who Am I? Self-Discovery
  2. My Sassy Self: Positive Body Image
  3. This or That? Making Choices
  4. Talk it Out: Communication
  5. Feeling Feelings: Understanding Emotions
  6. Gal Pals: Healthy Friendships
  7. Happy To Be Me: Self-Esteem
  8. Hard Times: Dealing with Difficult Issues
  9. It’s Okay to Need Help: Reaching Out
  10. Who I Am! Self-Identity

Banana Splits 4th-6th grade (6 Lessons)

This group helps kids to deal with their parents divorce or separation.

Lost and Found 2nd-6th grade (6 Lessons)

In this small group students learn about the grieving process and get support to manage their own loss.

Stress Busters 2nd - 6th grade (6 Lessons)

Children in this group learn and practice the tools they need to overcome their anxiety/ school stress, especially during testing or challenging situations.

Cool Kids 4th- 6th grade (6 Lessons)

Students in this group learn how to identify and appropriately express their angry feelings.

Salvaging Sisterhood 5th & 6th grade (8 Lesson)

This group is designed to raise awareness, develop empathy, teach healthy conflict, explore feelings, and promote a positive change in female relationships.

Lesson topics are as follow:

  1. Introduction to Salvaging Sisterhood
  2. Girls World
  3. Friends
  4. Being Mean
  5. Girl Talk
  6. Empathy
  7. Communication & Confrontation
  8. Sisters Forever!

Building Champions 5th and 6th grade (8 Lessons)

A fun-filled game plan to help boy build trust, respect, and peer connections, Building Champions cover the topics boys most want and need to become better friends, classmates, and citizens. Numerous hands-on and interactive experiences maintain group members’ interest and allow them to practice targeted skills while learning.

Lesson topics as follow:

  1. Introduction to Building Champions
  2. Breaking a Sweat (Goal Setting)
  3. In the Huddle (Integrity and Respect)
  4. Hands In (Relationships)
  5. Game Time (Leadership and Teamwork)
  6. Sitting on the Bench (Self-Control)
  7. The Last Play (Confidence)
  8. Shake Hands, Game Over (Being a Good Sport)