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6th-8th Resource Classroom

Classroom News and Updates:

Parents & Guardians,

Your students in my 6th through 8th grade resource classes worked extremely hard on their PARCC tests this month. I want to reward them for their hard work and diligence. Our last day of school before Spring Break is Thursday, March 29th. My students will be having a movie day, where we will play games. watch movies and eat snacks. The students voted on Friday, on a list of movies that they would like to see. They selected Big Hero 6 and Hidden Figures as the movies they would like to watch.

We made a list of snacks they would like to have and I have approved one bottle of soda per student, if they would like to bring one in. If students bring snacks in they can partake in the snacks their classmates bring. If they are not able to bring snacks in, they will still have snacks available to them provided by myself and the classroom aides. The students wrote down what they wanted to bring on a post-it note. Bringing a snack is not a requirement to participate in the party.

Please feel free to email or message me on ClassDojo if you have any questions.


We are quickly approaching Spring Break. I have begun printing out the students grades on Fridays so that they can see their current standing in their classes. I have been talking to them about work completion and the need to stay on top of their work this last quarter.

If you have any questions regarding your student feel free to make an appointment with the office, call me at school, message me on ClassDojo or contact me at

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Homework Board- Live Update

If your student participates in any of my classes they have different assignment than what is posted on the Oak Grove Website. The board shown below is a combination of general education and special education classes. Any text types in grey and black are resource class assignments in my room.

I hope this will help you and your child stay more organized with homework. If you have any questions on homework feel free to message me through the Class Dojo website or phone app. ‚Äč

Homework Board 2017-2018

About the Teacher

I have been teaching special education for the last 6 years. I started my first full-time teaching position at Elmwood Elementary School. I was a 3rd-6th grade special education resource teacher. When I moved to Oak Grove in 2015 I began teaching 5th-8th grade special education. While I have only taught special education I am certified to teach K-8 general education when the room is self-contained. I can also teach 6-8 English Language Arts in a departmentalized setting. I can teach special education students from Birth to Age 21. During the last year I completed my Masters Degree in Reading. I passed my reading specialist certification in July of 2017.

As a student I loved my teachers and school, but I was always inclined to help and become friends with struggling students. I struggled in math until 8th grade, but I have always had a passion for reading and art. I was raised by my grandmother and knew in 1st grade that I wanted to be a teacher. Staying after school to help my teachers was a highlight. I completed my Associates Degree at ICC, my Bachelors at Bradley and my Masters at Benedictine University.

I live in Peoria with my husband Jake, our two dogs Nollie and Dobby and our cat Ginny Weasley. We love traveling around the world! Going to concerts and riding our bikes in the summer. I love Harry Potter and spend a lot of time reading and listen to music. Justin Timberlake is my favorite!

I truly love what I do for a job and I can't imagine doing anything else. Your student and their education are very important to me. I set professional goals each year. This year my goal is to use this website more often, start presenting at teaching conferences and to co-teach in the general education classrooms. I want what is best for your students at all times. If you ever need me, please feel free to reach out.