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Class of 2020, I am sure that none of you thought that the end of your senior year would end quite like this. When you began seventh grade you entered the high school wide-eyed and awe of the seniors as you passed them in the halls. You thought about what your senior year would be; prom, senior trip, and of course graduation. As we come to an end of your time here at Old Forge, try not to focus on what wasn’t and try to remember what was. Look back on the last twelve years and remember the good times, remember the Friday nights at the stadium followed by pizza at Revello's, remember planning with your friends as to what midterm and finals to skip and what electives to take. Do not let the events of the last few months mar the great accomplishments you have made. No pandemic could ever take them away from you.

Look back on the last few weeks and reflect on what you gained, rather than lost. This last few weeks gave you time; time to spend with your families before you embark on your new lives either in college, the services, or the workforce. It gave you evening dinners with your families and nights watching movies. It allowed you time to slow down and have meaningful conversations with your friends as you share your worries as well as your frustrations.

Graduation is a time not only look back but to also look to the future. You are all capable of doing great things, and we expect that each one of you will make us proud of you in your own special ways. We look at your generation to cure the problems in society today, whether they be medical in nature or the social injustices that rally a nation. The class of 2020, the future is yours. Go out and make it a better place than when you found it.

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On a personal note from Mr. Sylvester

When I began this paper I was blessed to have Lindsay, Aby, Cassandra, Hannah and Abi join the paper thier junior year and help me get it off the ground. The Old Forge Observer would not exsist had it not been for the incredible hard work of these young and talented ladies.

Thank you!

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