Mr. Crnobrnja - Science

Room T2

Career Experience

This is Mr. Crnobrnja's first year as a classroom educator at Olmsted Falls. Prior to this, I spent five years as an Applications Science Manager researching genetic diseases using both Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR) and in situ hybridization. Feel free to pick my brain about anything related to teaching, cancer research, or otherwise.

Schooling History

I received my K-12 education in Amherst Exempted Village Schools (about 25 minutes west of Olmsted Falls). While at Amherst, I complemented my drive for knowledge with a love of baseball; setting the then school record with seven game winning hits in a single season.

I then moved on to the University of Toledo to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences with an emphasis on Medicinal Chemistry. While there, I spent a year working full-time in a lab as a synthetic chemist studying the effects of modified versions of NADPH on ion channels in sea urchins. This led me into my first career as a genetic research scientist.

After five years of research, I returned to college at Cleveland State University to pursue my Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. I finished this degree in June 2018 and am overjoyed to start my second career here at Olmsted Falls High School.

Period 0: Collaboration

7:20 – 8:06

Period 1: Physical Science

8:10 – 8:56

Period 2: Planning

9:00 – 9:46

Period 3: Physical Science

9:50 – 10:36

Period 4: Physical Science

10:40 – 11:26

Period 5: Physical Science

11:30 – 12:16

Period 6: Lunch

12:20 – 1:06

Period 7: Physical Science

1:10 – 1:56

Period 8: Biology

2:00 – 2:46