spark teacher portal

What Is Spark?

SPARK is a collaborative professional development program focused on expanding arts education and arts-integration opportunities for students within CPS and partnering schools. Led by Opportunities for All (OFA), the SPARK Program works with numerous partners, teaching artists and education professionals to provide ongoing workshops and instructional support for participating K-8 teachers and their students.

SPARK is a 4-year program funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s, Assistance for Arts Education Development and Dissemination Grant Program (AAEDD).

Goals of SPARK:

  • To create a culture of collaboration between all grant partners - school leaders, teachers, arts education professionals, cultural partners, teaching artists and school communities.

  • To increase teacher capacity for delivering arts education and arts-integration classroom experiences in partnering schools.

  • To support the achievement of K-8 students, especially in the areas of fine arts, reading and mathematics.

  • To document and share the project’s curriculum and instructional strategies to support a larger community of educators

Participating Schools