First Grade with Ms. Wysocki

Helpful Websites

Seesaw Use Clever or use email address and password

Pebble Go username: wrvs password: school

DreamBox Use Clever badge (QR code) Then click on DreamBox.

Raz-Kids teacher username: cwysockiWRVS password: talldogs How to Video

Zoom Class Meeting "Sign in with Google" Use email and password if needed

Prodigy Click on Clever.

Then use Clever badge (QR code)

Epic Class Code jul5935 or use Clever

lalilo school code FYEPTM password: talldogs

Teach Your Monster to Read username: firstname password: 6771856

SplashLearn class code TPWUAR no password How to Video

Clever Use Clever badge (QR code)

Freckle Log onto Clever and click on Freckle

Contact Information:


Phone: 802-439-5534

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