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Welcome to our student website!

Welcome to our school website ! Our website will be filled with fun things and information about what is happening in our school. There will be everything from what is happening in different classes to fascinating drawings. Please enjoy our website. ~Julia Elwood

Sixth Graders Hike Kane Mountain

3 Interesting Facts about Kane Mountain

  1. There are two trails. One trail is a short 0.7 mile hike but it is a harder trail. The second trail is a longer hike, 1.4 miles, but it is easier even if it is longer.
  2. There are 4 ways up Kane Mountain. The 1st and 2nd way are the official state trail. There is flooding on the 3rd route on the Pine lake trail. The 4th route is shut down due to the fact that it is on another person's property.
  3. The fire tower was used for observation over the Adirondacks.

~Kenton Schwasnick~

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The Sixth Grade is Raising Money for their Nature's Classroom Trip

Paracord sale

Dog Man the Musical

On Tuesday, November 19 TheaterWorksUSA came to our school and performed Dog Man The Musical, Tale of Two Kitties. The musical was from the DogMan book The Tale Two Kitties. Thank you, Miss McNulty, for inviting them to our school. TheaterWorks did a great job performing. Especially because we were the first school they performed at with the Dog Man Musical. My favorite part of the show was when he was building. I hope they come back with another DogMan story. If I had to describe the show with one word it would be Amazing. I hope everyone else feels like that too. It was a very nice musical and we thank them for coming to our school. Click HERE to see more pictures.

By Zachary Birch

Veterans Day 2019

On November 8, 2019, the OESJ Elementary School had a beautiful ceremony honoring our veterans. Students showed their respect and thankfulness in very creative ways. Students sang patriotic songs, wrote poems, made books and more to present to the veterans. We are all very thankful for what the veterans have done for us. Everyone was so respectful while veterans were speaking about their lives. We learned a lot. Students got to meet quite a few veterans and thank them for their service. ~Anabel Morrison~ Click HERE for more pictures.

We Salute You!

We Are So PROUD!

Our Very Own Hero, Officer Oare!


Spirit Week

OESJ Elementary celebrated Spirit Week. On Friday everyone had a chance to dress up as their favorite character. Click HERE to see more pictures.

The Big Bubble Bonanza

The Big Bubble Bonanza came to our school. The wonderful man that performed for us was Jeff Boyer from Palenville, NY. He was outstanding! Everyone loved the assembly. We enjoyed it so much. Thank you, Jeff!

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R.I.P. Cucumber

Cucumber was the beloved class pet of many 6th grade classes, this year included. Sadly, this awesome guinea pig companion died the day before the 6th grade Kane Mountain field trip, or October 17th. Cucumber was loved by many people. 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Murcray, housed this cutie in her classroom. We also thank Mrs. Benedict for comforting Cucumber during her last day. We all will miss little Cucumber and cherish the time we had with her. Rest in peace Cucumber. ~Kaylee Heroth~

Remembering Cucumber

Open House was a Great Success!!!

Kindergarten Fun


6th Grade Word Art

On September 26, OESJ Elementary students along with their parents attended Open House. We did so many fun activities and bought books to read from the OESJ Elementary School bookfair by Scholastic. We saw many awesome projects hung up on the walls and lockers throughout the OESJ elementary hallways. We had so much fun and we took so many wonderful pictures of all the beautiful student work. Click HERE to see more pictures. Thank you everyone who could make it, we hope you had a blast as we did!

~ Anabel Morrison & Kali Hazzard

Students in Grades K-2 Learned Fire Safety Rules From Local Firefighters.

Each year, our school has a day where all of the younger students go to a Fire Safety Assembly. Students learn how to be safe in case of a fire! They learned what to do when they are on fire. STOP, DROP, and ROLL. They also learned about smoke detectors and to never play with matches.

Students also got to go outside and spray the fire hoses and learn even more about what firemen do and how they can help us. We are thankful for all of the firemen who came to teach the younger children about what to do. Students received a plastic fire hat and a bag of goodies at the end. Click HERE for more pictures. ~Kali Hazzard~